Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tone Generator: Breaking Down the Fox 2 and Hound 3 Kit

For all tone generator enthusiasts, this is the article for you! The Fox 2/Hound 3 tone generator kit is a set of accessories that has gotten a lot of notice in the field of tone generating and this article will explain some of the features that this set offers and we’ll also explain how both sets work individually. Bear with us here while we make another lame attempt at humor but you’ll basically get two articles for the price of one. Can’t beat that right?! Well here goes this tone generator set has the following going for it:

• When purchased it will be include a limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year.
• Volume controls that are flexible and easily adjustable as well as the sensitivity levels.
• Included is a hi-impedance amp that includes high gain and is in two tones.
• With ease the Fox’s tone can be determined to a distance of up to 12”.
• It comes with both a conductive based duck-bill tip and a metal tip depending on the sensitive nature of whatever job you are doing.
• Can also be used with other tone generators such as the Wiremaster XR-2 and the original Fox.
• With an increase in signal strength your LED will continue to glow brighter.
• It speaker handles well to moisture and is covered in mylar material for protection.
• Uses a 9V battery as it source of power.

Definitely a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to buy a very dependable and sturdy tone generator. Now what are some of the features that both of these items have on their own. Well let’s first break down the bells and whistles of the Hound 3:

• It has a very simple and efficient design that lets you get to areas that may present difficult when trying to detect tones.
• Feedback squeal is easily combated against with the design of the Hound 3.
• With built in headlights working in darker areas will no longer be a factor of worry.
• In environments that are either devoid of noise or abundant with you’ll have an ear jack to use that’s included with the tone generator.
• Loudness and sensitivity have vastly improved with this model.
• Hi frequency level noise of 60Hz is dealt with via a band-pass filter.
• When a battery needs to be changed you’ll have an easy time doing so with the design of the battery door.
• LEDs will still be indicated when headphones are being used.

Now that’s the skinny on the Hound 3, let’s hear about the Fox 2, shall we:
• “True Trace" technology this allows for tone modifications if there is a short therefore still being able to identify your wires properly and allows for compatibility with a cordless phone.
• Has three methods of connectivity: RJ-11, RJ-45 and RJ-45 to BNC connectivity.
• Comes with alligator clips that work a DTMF tone generator to enable a link to wires that are stripped as well as terminal panels.
• Overload protection included. This cautions users on any potential hazards and or signal overloads. Definitely a great feature to have for the safety of equipment and yourself!
• A power latch feature is also in this kit which prevents you from accidentally turning your generator on and as a result prematurely sapping battery life

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