Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Introduction To the Tone Generator

The device known as the tone generator is an accessory that is intended for operations related to the use of acoustics and audio. They work on an audio frequency level of 20 Hz all the way up to 20 kHz. The more advanced varieties of this tool have what’s called a sweep generator which allows for frequency domain measurements to be created. A multitone generator is also involved in the more fancy tone generators and that’s able to take care of several tones all at once. You can also determine levels of intermodulation distortion when using a tone generator. Sound level meters are also worked with in tandem amongst tone generators. You can also expect other important electronic equipment like other audio related accessories and oscilloscopes to aid in the use of tone generator.

Like many other technologies involving communications and signal transmission the seeds planted for tone generators go back years and years ago. Most often this accessory will come with extra tools that are required to get the most out of your purposes to measure signals that tones will indeed produce. There are several sources on the internet where you can buy these accessories from or even specialty electronic stores that deal with communications and signal detecting equipment.

The use of tone generators also are integrated into computer program software where it’s essential that sound levels be measured for the optimum quality of sound production. You can rely on both the PC and Mac formats to have very reliable programs on both ends.

Of course the quality of product will vary by manufacturer and application. The fancier a tone generator is the higher in price it will be. Although price may not always dictate quality sometimes you will indeed get what you pay for. So it’s best not to try to spend too much on a tone generator if you do not have to. Remember though if you spend too little and you find what you saved a few dollars on doesn’t meet your goals, well it’s safe to say that you’re in just as much trouble then if you had just spent a bit more money.

Don’t worry too much about that because many reputable online retailers will provide comparisons of tone generators and let you know what the best one is for whatever you’re trying to do. If you’re still running into any difficulties then there’s always online message forums that you can simply do net searches on.

From there you can talk to people who have a familiarity with how tone generators work and through their experience they can give you an honest idea on what to expect when using such technology. Of course everyone starts at a different skill level than the next guy or gal so don’t be hesitant to ask for help. Everybody starts at some point and there are folk out there that are willing to teach you what they know so you won’t necessarily make the same mistakes they had made.

So just remember that the tone generator is a powerful tool when trying to detect audio signals and their transmissions. They may not be all created equally but we’re more than sure that there is one out there that is tailor made to fit your needs

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