Friday, November 14, 2008

Tone Generator and Probe Kit

Our next write up on tone generators includes yet another kit. This time we’ll talk about the tone generator and probe kit. This particular tandem comes in three different classifications which we’ll talk about in the duration of this article. Here are some features of what you can expect to find in any of these kits:

• Dual polarity identifier that enables for rapid and painless determination of outlets.
• This unit will automatically turn off when idle therefore saving you a lot of battery life.
• A powerful microprocessor ensures a definite boost in dependability.
• Comes with a lanyard that allows for easy transport and carry this also protects the tabs from being damaged.
• Is able to determine various line identifications with three different tone outputs
• For pairs that are either open or shorted out you have two different tone outputs
• Different connections are possible with the inclusion of alligator clips as well as a detachable modular plug.

Now that we’ve established what exactly you can expect from the standard features of a tone generator and probe kit, we feel it’s time to explain to you what’s available in the selection of tone generators. We found three different variations that just might match what you our dear reader are looking for:

1. Classic Tone and Probe Kit GL-701K
Made by Greenlee, this basic tone generator and probe kit works just fine for determining single cables and/or conductors that are inside of cable bundles. It is also able to cross-connect points and remote ends as well. This is what this version comes with:
• 77HP High Power Tone Generator and 200EP Inductive Amplifier, its carrying case is very sturdy and tough to ensure the safety of your equipment.

2. Professional Tone and Probe Kit GL-711K
Just like the name implies this variation on the tone generator and probe kit is for those do this for a living. With telecommunications professionals in mind it is intended for twisted pair, coaxial cable and single-conductor wires. You can also work on electrical wiring that is de-energized with this tone generator kit.

• The professional version of this combo has a 77GX Tone Generator and 200GX Inductive Amplifier, like the classic version this also has a very dependable and strong container to ensure reliability of the equipment.
• Integrity of the tester is made possible with drop-tested housing

3. Premium Tone and Probe Kit GL-801K
The premium tone generator and probe kit is the fanciest of the fancy and for good reason. This model has the most reliable means of determining wires due to canceling out nearly all noise related to power generating. Therefore your probe and tone determinations are quite painless. In the premium version you can expect to find:

• The 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator with the 200FP Filter Probe, all contained inside a sturdy nylon case to ensure protection of the items at ALL times.
There runs the gamut of the best tone generator and probe kits out there. These three serve all different purposes but they all get the job done. Depending on skill level, budget and necessities any of these three options are a good way to go.

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