Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Tone Generator and Modular Cable Tester

Tone generator devotees thank you once more for joining us in our latest article in our tone generator series. This next article deals with the relationship of the tone generator and modular cable tester. We did our homework on the subject and found some interesting information out there that exists on this match made in heaven.

So what can you the consumer expect to find in with a tone generator and modular cable tester team-up? Well, let’s not keep you in suspense any longer, here goes:
• All the bare bones and essential methods to detect tones and test cables are included and at a fair cost.
• Easy determination of reversals, transposed pairs, shorts and opens.
• The testing phase starts on its own once you connect the receiver unit
• You’ll get easy and correct answers in determining whether something works or not with the sequencing of red and green LEDs.
• The user is also warned if there’s an active circuit and at the same time damage to the circuit will be avoided as a result.
• It is also easy to link this device to an eight-position modular receptacle. This allows for a singal to carry entirely through the connection.
So for the most basic and simple job you can rely on this tandem of accessories to guide you to where you have to go with cable testing and tone generating. At an affordable price in the $100 range the concerned user will definitely be saved a few extra dollars while still being able to do the job they need to do. It’s not everyday you can find a really awesome deal for an item like these two so there is definitely reason to rejoice.
One can’t complain about how fast this tone generator/cable tester kit works when you connect it to the receiving unit. Like it was mentioned in the item features you will automatically enter the testing phase and not have to go through an entire production to do so. These are the times where technology definitely does make things a little easier in life!
LED detection is also an important feature of this device as the user is simply told when something is good and bad depending on the color of the LED. There isn’t any beating around the bush when trying to detect what’s working and what’s not. The connectivity of this device is also very reliable and as a result singals are easily read.
The fail safe feature of active circuit detection is a godsend because let’s face it who really wants to fry a circuit? Like we’ve said in other articles you have enough to worry about already so when you can avoid the unnecessary stuff and you have reliable equipment to do so then that’s even better.
Again we can’t speak enough about the economic value and product versatility you’d get with this item. We’re definitely not trying to sell you on this being your only option, but we definitely want to make sure that we’re informing you about some great potential here with this item. In the end the choice will be yours but when it comes to tone generators and other accessories this one isn’t a bad bet in the long run.

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