Friday, November 14, 2008

Tone Generator and Probe Kit

Our next write up on tone generators includes yet another kit. This time we’ll talk about the tone generator and probe kit. This particular tandem comes in three different classifications which we’ll talk about in the duration of this article. Here are some features of what you can expect to find in any of these kits:

• Dual polarity identifier that enables for rapid and painless determination of outlets.
• This unit will automatically turn off when idle therefore saving you a lot of battery life.
• A powerful microprocessor ensures a definite boost in dependability.
• Comes with a lanyard that allows for easy transport and carry this also protects the tabs from being damaged.
• Is able to determine various line identifications with three different tone outputs
• For pairs that are either open or shorted out you have two different tone outputs
• Different connections are possible with the inclusion of alligator clips as well as a detachable modular plug.

Now that we’ve established what exactly you can expect from the standard features of a tone generator and probe kit, we feel it’s time to explain to you what’s available in the selection of tone generators. We found three different variations that just might match what you our dear reader are looking for:

1. Classic Tone and Probe Kit GL-701K
Made by Greenlee, this basic tone generator and probe kit works just fine for determining single cables and/or conductors that are inside of cable bundles. It is also able to cross-connect points and remote ends as well. This is what this version comes with:
• 77HP High Power Tone Generator and 200EP Inductive Amplifier, its carrying case is very sturdy and tough to ensure the safety of your equipment.

2. Professional Tone and Probe Kit GL-711K
Just like the name implies this variation on the tone generator and probe kit is for those do this for a living. With telecommunications professionals in mind it is intended for twisted pair, coaxial cable and single-conductor wires. You can also work on electrical wiring that is de-energized with this tone generator kit.

• The professional version of this combo has a 77GX Tone Generator and 200GX Inductive Amplifier, like the classic version this also has a very dependable and strong container to ensure reliability of the equipment.
• Integrity of the tester is made possible with drop-tested housing

3. Premium Tone and Probe Kit GL-801K
The premium tone generator and probe kit is the fanciest of the fancy and for good reason. This model has the most reliable means of determining wires due to canceling out nearly all noise related to power generating. Therefore your probe and tone determinations are quite painless. In the premium version you can expect to find:

• The 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator with the 200FP Filter Probe, all contained inside a sturdy nylon case to ensure protection of the items at ALL times.
There runs the gamut of the best tone generator and probe kits out there. These three serve all different purposes but they all get the job done. Depending on skill level, budget and necessities any of these three options are a good way to go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Tone Generator and Modular Cable Tester

Tone generator devotees thank you once more for joining us in our latest article in our tone generator series. This next article deals with the relationship of the tone generator and modular cable tester. We did our homework on the subject and found some interesting information out there that exists on this match made in heaven.

So what can you the consumer expect to find in with a tone generator and modular cable tester team-up? Well, let’s not keep you in suspense any longer, here goes:
• All the bare bones and essential methods to detect tones and test cables are included and at a fair cost.
• Easy determination of reversals, transposed pairs, shorts and opens.
• The testing phase starts on its own once you connect the receiver unit
• You’ll get easy and correct answers in determining whether something works or not with the sequencing of red and green LEDs.
• The user is also warned if there’s an active circuit and at the same time damage to the circuit will be avoided as a result.
• It is also easy to link this device to an eight-position modular receptacle. This allows for a singal to carry entirely through the connection.
So for the most basic and simple job you can rely on this tandem of accessories to guide you to where you have to go with cable testing and tone generating. At an affordable price in the $100 range the concerned user will definitely be saved a few extra dollars while still being able to do the job they need to do. It’s not everyday you can find a really awesome deal for an item like these two so there is definitely reason to rejoice.
One can’t complain about how fast this tone generator/cable tester kit works when you connect it to the receiving unit. Like it was mentioned in the item features you will automatically enter the testing phase and not have to go through an entire production to do so. These are the times where technology definitely does make things a little easier in life!
LED detection is also an important feature of this device as the user is simply told when something is good and bad depending on the color of the LED. There isn’t any beating around the bush when trying to detect what’s working and what’s not. The connectivity of this device is also very reliable and as a result singals are easily read.
The fail safe feature of active circuit detection is a godsend because let’s face it who really wants to fry a circuit? Like we’ve said in other articles you have enough to worry about already so when you can avoid the unnecessary stuff and you have reliable equipment to do so then that’s even better.
Again we can’t speak enough about the economic value and product versatility you’d get with this item. We’re definitely not trying to sell you on this being your only option, but we definitely want to make sure that we’re informing you about some great potential here with this item. In the end the choice will be yours but when it comes to tone generators and other accessories this one isn’t a bad bet in the long run.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where To Buy A Tone Generator

Well, we’ve gone over almost everything about tone generators except where you actually buy the things. It’s pretty simple we always recommend that no matter how you go about it that you make sure to consult someone who’s got at least a solid basic understanding of the tools and its related accessories through e-mail, telephone or face to face contact. Sometimes message forums can be a saving grace too, however you must be aware that sometimes there’s a little bit of an opinion thrown that way and you can’t always rely on everything you hear.

That’s not to say you won’t encounter that in a face to face meeting with a store employee whether it’s at a mega chain retailer or a local business. After all these companies whether big or small need to make money so therefore they’re going to do their best to sell you on what they think will be the best thing for your needs. Often times you will find those who do have legitimate intentions for helping you out. Either way though your best bet in avoiding such a situation where you will more than likely be uncomfortable is to do your homework.

Any websites, catalogs or store flyers that have information on what you’re looking for in a tone generator is a good start. Like we said before you can definitely get a hold of someone on the internet or phone first and use that as a springboard to a face to face conversation with an employee at a specialty or retail store. Suppose you talk to a tech support rep over the phone and from there you’re recommended where to go to see the tone generator in action then you’ll know you’re a step ahead of the game.

If you can manage that you’ll be in a great position. Your needs are also going to be different from everybody else’s so that is also important to realize in your selection. You may need to look at a tone generator with an amplifier probe while someone else may needing to figure out if they need a tone generator with a modular cable tester. That’s why knowledge is definitely key in your situation; you don’t have to know it all but knowing nothing will definitely make you indecisive so with being said sometimes even the most qualified people won’t even know how to help you.

Those are definitely your best options though and sometimes using all of them in conjunction won’t hurt either if you’re looking for the best place to buy a tone generator. Look at it the better at this you get and the more confident you become in your skills of looking for the right equipment, you may end up becoming that person who people ask the important questions. It’s a definite possibility. In the meantime we are hoping that this article will motivate you to believe in that because we are sure that you are going to take our advice upon reading this article. So dear reader waste no more time and go forward on your valiant mission in finding how and where to buy a tone generator!

Tone Generator: Breaking Down the Fox 2 and Hound 3 Kit

For all tone generator enthusiasts, this is the article for you! The Fox 2/Hound 3 tone generator kit is a set of accessories that has gotten a lot of notice in the field of tone generating and this article will explain some of the features that this set offers and we’ll also explain how both sets work individually. Bear with us here while we make another lame attempt at humor but you’ll basically get two articles for the price of one. Can’t beat that right?! Well here goes this tone generator set has the following going for it:

• When purchased it will be include a limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year.
• Volume controls that are flexible and easily adjustable as well as the sensitivity levels.
• Included is a hi-impedance amp that includes high gain and is in two tones.
• With ease the Fox’s tone can be determined to a distance of up to 12”.
• It comes with both a conductive based duck-bill tip and a metal tip depending on the sensitive nature of whatever job you are doing.
• Can also be used with other tone generators such as the Wiremaster XR-2 and the original Fox.
• With an increase in signal strength your LED will continue to glow brighter.
• It speaker handles well to moisture and is covered in mylar material for protection.
• Uses a 9V battery as it source of power.

Definitely a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to buy a very dependable and sturdy tone generator. Now what are some of the features that both of these items have on their own. Well let’s first break down the bells and whistles of the Hound 3:

• It has a very simple and efficient design that lets you get to areas that may present difficult when trying to detect tones.
• Feedback squeal is easily combated against with the design of the Hound 3.
• With built in headlights working in darker areas will no longer be a factor of worry.
• In environments that are either devoid of noise or abundant with you’ll have an ear jack to use that’s included with the tone generator.
• Loudness and sensitivity have vastly improved with this model.
• Hi frequency level noise of 60Hz is dealt with via a band-pass filter.
• When a battery needs to be changed you’ll have an easy time doing so with the design of the battery door.
• LEDs will still be indicated when headphones are being used.

Now that’s the skinny on the Hound 3, let’s hear about the Fox 2, shall we:
• “True Trace" technology this allows for tone modifications if there is a short therefore still being able to identify your wires properly and allows for compatibility with a cordless phone.
• Has three methods of connectivity: RJ-11, RJ-45 and RJ-45 to BNC connectivity.
• Comes with alligator clips that work a DTMF tone generator to enable a link to wires that are stripped as well as terminal panels.
• Overload protection included. This cautions users on any potential hazards and or signal overloads. Definitely a great feature to have for the safety of equipment and yourself!
• A power latch feature is also in this kit which prevents you from accidentally turning your generator on and as a result prematurely sapping battery life

An Introduction To the Tone Generator

The device known as the tone generator is an accessory that is intended for operations related to the use of acoustics and audio. They work on an audio frequency level of 20 Hz all the way up to 20 kHz. The more advanced varieties of this tool have what’s called a sweep generator which allows for frequency domain measurements to be created. A multitone generator is also involved in the more fancy tone generators and that’s able to take care of several tones all at once. You can also determine levels of intermodulation distortion when using a tone generator. Sound level meters are also worked with in tandem amongst tone generators. You can also expect other important electronic equipment like other audio related accessories and oscilloscopes to aid in the use of tone generator.

Like many other technologies involving communications and signal transmission the seeds planted for tone generators go back years and years ago. Most often this accessory will come with extra tools that are required to get the most out of your purposes to measure signals that tones will indeed produce. There are several sources on the internet where you can buy these accessories from or even specialty electronic stores that deal with communications and signal detecting equipment.

The use of tone generators also are integrated into computer program software where it’s essential that sound levels be measured for the optimum quality of sound production. You can rely on both the PC and Mac formats to have very reliable programs on both ends.

Of course the quality of product will vary by manufacturer and application. The fancier a tone generator is the higher in price it will be. Although price may not always dictate quality sometimes you will indeed get what you pay for. So it’s best not to try to spend too much on a tone generator if you do not have to. Remember though if you spend too little and you find what you saved a few dollars on doesn’t meet your goals, well it’s safe to say that you’re in just as much trouble then if you had just spent a bit more money.

Don’t worry too much about that because many reputable online retailers will provide comparisons of tone generators and let you know what the best one is for whatever you’re trying to do. If you’re still running into any difficulties then there’s always online message forums that you can simply do net searches on.

From there you can talk to people who have a familiarity with how tone generators work and through their experience they can give you an honest idea on what to expect when using such technology. Of course everyone starts at a different skill level than the next guy or gal so don’t be hesitant to ask for help. Everybody starts at some point and there are folk out there that are willing to teach you what they know so you won’t necessarily make the same mistakes they had made.

So just remember that the tone generator is a powerful tool when trying to detect audio signals and their transmissions. They may not be all created equally but we’re more than sure that there is one out there that is tailor made to fit your needs